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What class did you take and why?

The Pet CPR Class, We should know what to do in an emergency all employees need to take the class.

What did you learn that you didn't know?

Different types of bandaging, the best way to get the dog to a vet in an emergency, CPR if needed.

What did you most enjoy about the class?

The instructors very thorough and explained things very well. Very knowledgeable about animals. The pet manikins to practice on their one of a kind choking dog manikin to clear an airway.

Did you use any of the information that you learned?

Yes! Had to bandage a dogs paw and one dog had a cut ear. My own dog was sick and even though I did not think she would bite and was taught in the class to never take a chance, I didn't heed the warning and got bit and needed stitches.

After taking this class how well prepared do you feel you would be in an emergency?

Very well, what I was taught is true.

Is there anything you would like to add about the class or the instructors.

Heartworks CPR does a great job and I've recommended and give all my new clients their   brochures to take the class. If you own a pet you owe it to the pet to be prepared!

Bonnie Lemperis-owner
Central Bark Doggy daycare

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