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HeartWorksCPR Training

Heartworks CPR is a training site for American Heart Association.

At Heartworks CPR we focus on a coaching approach to our classes. We have a relaxed atmosphere with individual attention to understanding the concepts and lifesaving capabilities of each student.

Why choose Heartworks CPR?

Each student is assured the best training by highly qualified instructors, trainers and Emergency Medical Technicians.

We provide each student with their own sanitary equipment to assure a safe teaching environment.

All of our equipment is our own inventory we do not rent any equipment.

What will you learn?

You will learn the latest guidelines set by the American Heart Association for all CPR classes.

Our Pet First Aid class was designed with the pet owner in mind. Each class is individually prepared to meet the goals of the students

What certifications do we offer?

We offer a variety of classes to fit the needs of the individual as well as the professional. All of our classes offer a 2 year certification that is approved by the Illinois Department of Health as well as DCFS,ACE,NASM,ACSM and more.


CPR-Basic/Adult, AED, Pediatric, Basic

Life support for Profesionals.

Blood Borne Pathogens,Oxygen,

Emergency care, First Aid, Pet First Aid.

Why buy an AED?

AED's or semi automated external defibrillators are a life saving device.

An AED along with CPR increases the chance for survival.

When people go into sudden cardiac arrest their heart stops beating. An AED can provide the needed shock to stop the irregular beat.

AED's and CPR go hand in hand.

Once the person has been shocked the action of CPR can possibly get the heart beating again.

Health experts estimate that sudden cardiac arrest kills about 300,000 people in the United States and milions of people each year. Studies show that if victims are defibrillated within a minute or two, more than 70 percent survive.



Alergic Reactions

Insect Bites


First Aid

Pet First Aid

We will come out to your home or office.

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