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What class did you take and why?

I took the pediatric class, I have two small children and I wanted to know what to do an emergency.

What did you learn that you didn't know?

Everything- I learned to stay calm, call 911 correctly, prepare my home for their arrival, how to do cpr and breathing if needed. How to clear an airway if my children where to choke.

What did you most enjoy about the class?

The class was comfortable. I could schedule the class when it worked for me. I was able to practice with my own manikins they even had abdominal thrust manikins. They were so accommodating even when I needed to change the date nothing is a problem for Heartworks.

Did you use any of the information that you learned?

A few scrapes and scratches for bandaging but thankfully nothing serious. I was much more comfortable knowing what I know now.

After taking this class how well prepared do you feel you would be in an emergency?

I feel I could handle it knowing what I now know. I realize there are serious emergencies and emergencies that need attention but, now I know the signs such as the upper portion of the body tends to bleed a lot and cuts that require stitches do not need to be held together to make my children more uncomfortable should this ever occur. I know I need to get them to the emergency  room but I don't need to panic or drive crazy.

Is there anything you would like to add about the class or the instructors.

The instructors were great. Very informative, patient and friendly. They personalized the information to our needs and questions. They gave us confidence I highly recommend them.

Laura Harris Northbrook, Il Mom of two

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